Monday, May 2, 2011

First day

After a couple hours of HR briefing about code of conduct, complete surrender of creative rights (the company wants a piece of everything you invent on their time) and a ton of legal paperwork I finally got to my work place (which happened to be on a different campus) and began familiarizing myself with the new environment.  An immediate meeting served as a brief introduction to the main project on the horizon, as well as, acquaintance with most of my new colleagues.  It was interesting, and I enjoyed meeting my new coworkers.  Everyone seemed intelligent, alert, and well spirited.

Following that, I had some trouble getting on the organizational network used by the firm, but after some back and forth with a couple IT guys, we were able to get it sorted.  I like to think my administrative experience helped in precisely describing the problems I was experiencing which resulted in speedy corrections.

Summing up the first few hours of this new work, I guess I have to say that I hope I don't soon lose motivation in the projects and problems offered, as the rigor of this industry will probably seem mind numbing before long.

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